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Welcome To P(her)sonal Revival!

a place of spiritual renewal just for (her)

Thriving in Christ

We were not meant to merely survive this life. We were created to THRIVE! God has a plan for our lives, something more wonderful than we could ever imagine.


Welcome to a Christian, faith-based community of women filled with love, support, and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ!

P(her)sonal Revival

Antique Jewelry Set

Better Than Rubies

"A Two Week Inspiration of Wisdom"


Do you desire to add wisdom tothe knowledge you already know? So do we. This year our Ladies Bible Study will focus on Wisdom as our church purposes to "Know More and Grow More in 2024"

Lets begin with a two week inspiratin of wisdom written with love by our P(her)sonal Revival Team.

Challenge yourself to:

1. Read 1 devotion or activity per day for the next two weeks.

2. Write down something that resonated with your heart.

3. Post in the comments if you'd like to share.

Image by Alex Shute

My Wisdom Tracker

A Two Week Challenge where you track your own wisdom.

Do you desire to get a clearer understanding of where you are in the areas you desire to improve? If so, then this challenge is a good place to begin. Daily reflection and journaling can help you see yourself from a different perspective.

Challenge yourself to:

  1. Choose four areas of your life that you desire to track “How wise am I in this area?”

  2. Then follow this link to learn more about this challenge.

  3. If you desire to be in community on this journey post in the comments and share your progress.


P(her)sonal Blog

Be inspired by everyday life...See what's new!

Falling In Love With Jesus

Fall 2022

National Women's History Month.jpg

Join us

As we celebrate outstanding Christian Women in American History
Click here to view the first in this series on Frances Crosby in our blog.
Woman of Prayer Challenge
November 2022

Join us

28 Day Pray for Your Husband and Future Husband Challenge
Click here to view in our blog. Or click the PDF icon for a printable version.
Woman of Prayer
Corona Prayer Challenge.jpg

Accept The Challenge

Challenge yourself to do something Great

Playing Trumpet

Flash Challenge

Is there a special sister in Christ that has been a blessing to you? Let's give her a shout out!

Christian Booklet

30 Day Challenge

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Along with enjoying the beauty of the Fall Season let's take time to enjoy the beauty of our Savior, Jesus Christ in this personal challenge.

Inspirational Memes

Be encouraged and share one with a Friend

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