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Air Plants

Just like we pointed out in the last post about water candles, life does not always offer us the perfect environment with which to grow. Consider this plant. It is commonly known as an “air plant” because it does not need to be in soil in order to live. This variety of air plant is called “Tillandsia Ionantha.”

Air plants originally grow attached to a tree, or another such host or object. However, they don’t steal nutrients from their host. They simply use it as a home on which to grow. These plants have tiny vessels in their own leaves known as trichomes that allows it to capture its own moisture and nutrients from the air. “What’s really incredible about them is that the plants utilize their roots to anchor themselves to an object, and that allows them to grow in all sorts of different locations. Their flexibility means that you can use them in numerous types of settings.” (Sierra Bright, 2017)

The human body is complex, strong and resilient and so is the human spirit! Amazingly enough God has created us with this same amazing ability to grow in all sorts of different environments. Just look at the conditions all around the world and you'll see people who thrive in many different environments. God gave us the ability to acquire the things we need to survive without tearing down, or taking away from others. We too use our roots to anchor to things such as people, and belief systems.

The question today is, “What are our roots anchored to”? The air plant will die if it does not get the proper balance of nutrients from the right host. We were created by God to fully rely only on Him. He is our host. When you are transplanted to a new environment that is unfamiliar and unnourishing, ensure that you attach yourself to God; then and only then will you be able to bloom! If, you are in an amazingly nourishing environment then be sure to never forget your true source!

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God Is My Source

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