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I Am My Hands

Many times when a blessing is prayed over a meal considerations for the ones that prepared it is given in this statement, “Lord, bless the hands that prepared this meal.” Now…the loving individual that spent time, effort, and energy preparing the meal may say something like this, “I am more than my hands, could you please bless the rest of me also?” LOL! We can all probably relate, but it is true that we are what we set our hands to do. In other words, what we set our hands to do reveals who we really are.


  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Nursing a sick child

  • Holding our Bibles as we read it

  • Clicking away online

  • Gaming

  • Channel surfing

  • …etc.

we are what we set our hands to do! With our hands we create or destroy. We fix or we tear down. We heal or we bruise. We redeem the time, or we allow it to slip idly through our fingertips like fine grains of sand.

Are our hands well manicured and so soft that they have never really experienced the rigors of hard work; or do they show the tell tale signs of labors of love? Are they clasped and neatly folded in our laps or are they extended far enough apart as to be ready to brace, and embrace. Are they resting in our pockets waiting for a future time when they may be needed, or are they at our sides like a soldier at attention ready to receive orders for action?

God bless us to be women who set our hands to do the remarkable...the impossible...and the eternal! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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A Woman’s Hands

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