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Praying In Jesus' Name

Growing up I could tell my cousins to clean up, share, help me, to stop, or come here, etc. and they would just look at me like I was an alien from another planet that did not speak English. But…let me tell them that “Grandma said…,” or “Papa said…,” and it was a whole different story. Compliance was swift and without debate!

That is how it is when we pray for something in the name of our Lord Jesus. We have no authority in and of ourselves, no real power to make things happen outside of our control, but because of the precious name of Jesus Christ we are able to decree and declare those things that are within the will of God! The Word of God declares His will and as we believe it and speak “those things that are not as though they were” in the matchless name of Jesus we will see miracles. (John 14:13-15)

God’s power is limitless!

  • Nature obeys Him (Genesis chapter 1, Mark 4:39)

  • Demons fear, tremble and obey Him (James 2:19, Mark 5:1-13)

  • Mountains are moved (Mark 11:23)

  • Time stops (Joshua 10:12-13)

  • Fire does not burn (Daniel 3:14-28, Exodus 3:2-4)

  • Poisonous snakes don’t kill (Mark 16:18, Acts 28:3-5)

  • Prison doors are opened (Acts 16:25-26, Acts 12:5-11)

  • Bodies are healed (Acts 3:6)

  • The dead are raised (John 11:38-44)

  • Money arrives just in time (2 Kings 4:1-7, Matthew 17:26)

…and so much more because the creature knows the Creator and obeys.

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