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Water Candles

Have you ever seen or made a water candle? They are so simple to make and yet they are also very beautiful!

Who would think that fire could survive in water? It is unnatural. Water and fire are opposites and yet here you see a fire in the middle of what could be considered, the wrong environment. Often we feel that we have to have the perfect setting, with the right support system, and the optimal environment in order for us to be our best selves. However, life does not always offer us the best conditions in which to blossom.

Often times when we are placed in an uncomfortable environment our “fight or flight” response kicks in. We want to run away, shake things up, or simply resign ourselves to despair.

But just as the oil is the fuel for the water candle in a hostile and disagreeable environment so The Holy Spirit is our fuel to get us through many hostile and disagreeable phases of life we face. Just like the fire could not survive in this environment without the oil, we cannot survive this life without Jesus Christ and the leading of His Holy Spirit. “Being on fire for God in any environment,” means that you make sure that you surround yourself with the right fuel. That fuel is God.

See P(her)sonal Promises Page for Bible Scriptures on:

Being a Light

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