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Salt & Sugar Scrubs

Life can be very hard on your hands. Cleaning, gardening, work, and even some forms of play can really take a toll on your skin and nails. Even if you wear gloves your hands can become very dry, your nails can break, and a general stiffness can set in from all the repetitive motion. Women’s hands need a lot of TLC (tender loving care).

One way to care for rough hands is to do a salt or sugar scrub. A scrub removes the dry dead skin, stimulates circulation to promote new skin to grow. It also provides much needed nutrients to the skin and seals in moisture. During the scrubbing process, the skin can become irritated. It does not feel good; there is a scratching and harshness; there is a process and it can be messy. But when all the scrub and soap are washed away new soft, smooth skin is revealed. It has a restored glow and beauty.

It is the same way when we surrender our dry, broken, deadened lives and attitudes to God. He takes His Word and begins to scrub away at those areas that are rough and unprofitable to make room for new growth, new life, and new purpose. No, it does not feel good. Yes, it can be very irritating as He exposes areas of our lives that need the most work. The process can take years and seem very chaotic at times. The rubbing and smoothing can give the impression harshness at times and it can even be very painful, but when He washes us in the blood of Christ Jesus, His son and anoints us with His, Holy Spirit what is left behind is beautiful, soft, and completely surrendered to His will.

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